Askbrahma is an out put of logic used by South Indians when they are confused and need help from God. When I observe that techinque I thought why don't I can make this in a Web format. It is possible and it can be done. So, i thought fine why don't we give this opportunity to entire world, when they are in confussion on which decission to take. This is very useful in decission making. This can be used by all Religions it is based on GOD not a particular god. All we want is belief in your own GOD.


In this universe, Brain has a super power and there is a link between all sub-conscious minds of all living huma beings. So, if you ask a question with Blind Strong Belief with full of trust you will definetly get a right answer.


There is a principal called 90%-10% principal, which says that 90% of our life is based on 10% of decissions which we take. So, based on this decision is important and plays a major role in your life. So, use this beautiful applicaiton to help us out.


Ask all your Questions here on any thing from Love, Carrer, Education, for Decision Making, guiding etc. It is very useful in case of Decision making.